Do you need funding to cover the cost of your dental needs?

( Orthodontics, Dental Implants, Crowns & Bridges, and Dentures )

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Who is Access My Super?

Access My Super is a professional company that offers individuals the option to gain early access to their super for essential dental procedures.

If you need a dental procedure but aren’t able to access funds to cover the cost, Access My Super can assess your eligibility and assist you in gaining access to your super.

We’re proud of our work helping individuals in need to access their super early and always go above and beyond for our clients. All our work is 100% guaranteed and we offer a ‘no approval, no fee’ policy.

Benefits of using Access My Super for your dental work

  • Quick and simple access to your superannuation for your dental health needs
  • Experienced and expert superannuation and taxation specialists
  • 100% ‘no approval no fee’ guarantee
  • Complete support from start to finish
  • Hassle-free – we take care of the entire process including lodgement and approval
  • Access to funds within 10 days of approval
  • Obligation-free consultation

You can access your super early for a wide range of surgical dental procedures

  • Dental implants
  • Dentures
  • General dental work including fillings and extractions
  • Dental check-ups and cleaning
  • Tooth restoration
  • Root canal
  • Dental crowns
  • Periodontal treatment

Choose the stress-free and simple way to access funds from your super to help with your dental needs

Access My Super is an easy way to access the early release of your super to pay for essential dental care.

We understand the financial stress associated with medical treatments and procedures and offer a quick and straightforward solution to ensure you get the best care and funding within 14 days of application.

Our team are superannuation and taxation experts and offer a complete solution to ensure you gain access to timely and effective health and dental care.

We’ve partnered with some of Australia’s finest health providers and medical professionals to offer a premium and effective solution for your dental and health care.

Get in touch with Access My Super today to find out more.


Get your dental treatment today and pay over time.

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Who is eligible for the Early Release of Super for medical treatments?

All Australian (and NZ residents) citizens and residents may be eligible. Speak to the team of Access My Super for an obligation free assessment.

Can I access my super for my dental treatment?

Yes, you can access your super for all dental procedures. There are however conditions in the fine print. Access My Super can guide you through this.

What type of treatment can I gain approval for?

Access My Super can help you access your super to cover the cost of a variety of dental and orthodontic treatments including braces, crowns, general dental, implants, orthodontics, periodontics and many more.

Can I use my super to pay for my children’s dental treatment?

Yes, you can help any dependents including immediate or non-immediate family members.

Are there any limitations on the amount of super I can withdraw?

No, there are no limitations on the amount of super you can withdraw. You are eligible to withdraw the amount required for your treatment.

I don’t have enough super; can I access another person’s super for my treatment?

Yes, you can access the super of your spouse, partner or other dependents to cover the cost of your treatment.

How long does the application process take?

It usually takes fourteen (14) days to get your Letter of Approval. We keep you up to date throughout the entire application process.

What happens if my application is not approved?

At Access My Super we have a 100% success rate. Should your application not be approved we will provide a detailed explanation from the ATO. We also have a No Approval No Fee policy!

What happens if I need more money for my procedure than I originally thought, and I have been approved already?

Don’t worry, if the costs increase for your procedure, we can resubmit for additional unforeseen costs.

What will I need to access my Super?

You will need a MyGov Account as well as an ATO Account. Please note your ATO Account needs to be linked to your MyGov Account. You will also require a Treatment Plan from your specialist. Please feel free to contact our friendly staff on 1800 845 121 for more information regarding the requirements.

What do I need to do before my consultation?

You will need to contact your Superannuation Fund to ensure you have adequate funds to access your treatment. Your ATO and MyGov accounts also need to be up to date including contact information

Do You Need Help?

If you need more information about how to pay for your dental treatment with your super fund then give us a call at (07 ) 3130 2133 or book an appointment today.