What is a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a fixed dental restoration device that is used to replace one or more missing teeth by bridging the gap between the two adjacent teeth. Dental bridges can be made from multiple materials but the most common material is porcelain as our dentists love to repair teeth with material that closely resembles real teeth.

Dental bridges can have up to two crowns to attach to the abutment teeth. There are four main types of bridges cantilever, implant-supported, traditional, and Maryland.

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Why do you need Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges offer a unique solution to missing teeth. They can be very effective if one has lost a tooth due to accident, injury, gum disease, or tooth decay. The congenital condition may also lead to one not developing teeth and can be a reason Prosthodontist Fortitude Valley may recommend dental bridges.

The only prerequisite for a dental bridge is to have healthy teeth on either side of the bridge through implant-supported bridges that can bridge this gap.

Having a few missing teeth might not seem significant but it can lead to other serious issues. When there is space between the teeth nearby teeth can move into the new space. Teeth from the opposite jaw may move into the space or teeth next to the gap may fill the gap leading to bite problems, chewing difficulties, pain on the teeth and jaws, and just general self-conscious awareness.

Dental implants can be vital in restoring a more natural-looking smile, the ability to chew, and even proper pronunciations and speech by reducing lisping. By restoring the shape of the teeth there is better redhibition of force while chewing and maintaining a good facial structure.

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The procedure of Getting a Dental Bridge

Having the bridges installed may require several visits to the dentist. The dentists inject some local anesthesia on the gum tissue next to the anchors as they examine your teeth. Anchor teeth are prepared to ensure they fit their crowns.

Proper fitting crowns give better grip and are more secure on the teeth.

Once the anchor teeth are prepared the dentist makes an impression of the mouth and sends it to the lab for preparation. A temporary bridge may be installed as you await your bridge to be installed. Once the bridge is complete it is correctly installed by the dentist.

What are Dental Bridge Pros and Cons?


  • Dental bridges are less costly to install in comparison to dental implants
  • No bone grafting is necessary
  • Dental bridge procedure is faster than dental implants
  • No need for surgery


  • Putting crowns compromise healthy neighbor teeth
  • The tooth may have to be capped to fit the crown
  • Bridges don’t correct the jaw bone loss
  • Bridges may not last as long as an implant, may require it to be replaced, if necessary , incurring potential costs.

How to take care of my dental bridge

Cleaning dental bridges with regular floss is relatively hard as it cannot pass through regular teeth units in the bridge. The best tools for cleaning the bridge are a floss threader, interdental brush, or super floss.

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